Software Development

We have the experience and knowledge developing tools in various software platforms, using modern programming languages. We have an extensive experience developing applications with Oracle and Microsoft development and databases tools, implementation of Web pages with access to local and/or remote databases, development of SIG AM/FM geographical information systems using ESRI development tools.

Software Maintenance

The software and applications maintenance, has become very important, due to the constant changes in the business world and the emergence of new technologies, products and services, therefore, it is necessary to adapt the systems to the new requirements of the companies and to the continuous monitoring of their correct operation. Systems must be maintained if we want them to be helpful in the current environment.

LUDYCOM offers the application maintenance service in production, based on the extensive experience of its human staff, performing the modification of existing processes or new functionalities development generated by changes in the company's processes, technological platform changes, regulatory changes , etc.

Apps Optimization

We optimize existing codes, reducing their response time, improving the accuracy of results obtained by calculation applications, and migrating software between platforms.

Improving the hardware (processor, memory) characteristics of computers is not enough to improve the results of the processes and have these in real time. To get the best performance from IT architectures (computers and networks), applications need to be optimized, incorporating high-performance computing techniques. These efforts should be aimed at improving the speed and quality of the results obtained.

Business Process Consulting

Consultancy in design and optimization of processes, defining Organizational charts, functions and procedures necessary for its execution, control and follow-up.

Apps and Software Implantation

Service of Implementation and Assembly of own or third-party solutions, which guarantee the normal and optimal operation of these in a productive environment. We have the experience and knowledge to ensure success in this stage of IT projects, which minimize the impact of operating errors for the company.

Software Adoption Consulting

We guide our customers in the selection of the solution to be implemented, with the objective of optimizing the commercial and operational processes, in terms of time, resources and productivity.

Customer and Infrastructure Census

Census service, surveys and land survey, structuring databases through which cartographic (GIS) and / or commercial information is managed, focused on the needs and characteristics of the operation of utility companies.

The benefits for our clients are:

  • Geographical location of their customers
  • Geographical location of their potential clients
  • Identify service coverage
  • Update of commercial information databases

Data Conversion and Implentation of Geographical Information System (GIS)

Implementation of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for public utilities, which allow them to manage in a timely and effective manner their operation, supporting the making of strategic business decisions.

This process is based on the Use and execution of technological tools, which support processes standarized and with quality.