Ludyorder is a solution for work orders management and staff activities control, which can be integrated with the commercial information system of your company.

Ludyorder is a solution for work orders management and staff activities control, which can be integrated with the commercial information system of your company.


Work planning and scheduling

With LudyOrder, the activities of planning and organizing your operation are simplified, providing geographic and work assignment criteria, based on the resources or working group and the activities to be developed.

Real time operation

Provides an overview of the operation of the work group giving information on the work done, productivity, geographic location of the work group, at any time, making it easier to make decisions to improve productivity.

Evidences record

Record evidence of photos, GPS coordinates, voice notes, videos, signatures, PDF documents, Word, Excell, CAD files, as an integral part of the order.

Dynamic and flexible forms

Design the information capture forms that fit the process for each activity, defining the conditions and validations required by the attributes to be managed, including recording evidence as part of the form.

Digital formats

Automatic generation of digital documents based on the work orders made. Define your own format with the information you want to display including images, graphics, and signatures. Providing the facility to send electronically through email, twitter or Facebook.

On-site banking and printing

Printing in the field of media such as: work records, documents managed and even printing invoices. Electronic payment can be managed as part of the activity, improving the collection activity, payment for services with debit or credit card thanks to our ability to integrate with RBM mobile mini-phones.


A dashboard is available, which summarizes the operation, supporting the analysis of the operation according to historical information, allowing to make decisions to improve the order management process, based on the agents' performance, number of orders, geographic location or time of attention by type of work.

Third-Party Integration

We offer an integration component to be adapted to the processes of information exchange with other external systems, making it possible to receive information of orders directly from their creation, as well as to make changes in the information of management of such orders, and to deliver the result of the management carried out in real time.


Record the history of the geographic locations for each agent in the workgroup, allowing to visualize on Google maps, the route made and the sites of legalization of the work done on a certain date.

Operation flow automation

Support in the execution, control and results in our clients processes, based on the dynamism and continuous change of the operations flows, allowing to implement continuous improvement actions and critical routes identification.


Public Services (Utilities)

Work orders Management for technical and commercial services (suspension, reconnection, criticism, installation and consumption reviews, damages attention), GPS tracking to field staff, evidence capture (digital formats, photographs, signatures, field printing).

Logistics and Dispatch

Management and control of merchandise deliveries (times and productivity), dispatch orders georeferencing, dispatch routes optimization (time and distance), Staff GPS tracking, Delivery routes optimization.

Messaging Service

Document delivery certification, Staff GPS tracking, Delivery routes optimization, evidence capture  (forms, photographs, signatures, field printing).

Certifications and Inspections

Physical facilities certification and inspection process automation (compliance with market technical standards or legal technical requirements), capture of evidences (forms, photographs, signatures, field printing).

Censuses and Surveys

Design and elaboration of specialized consultations (Health, Demographics, Trends) and censuses (Population, Industry, Commercial, among others), field information recording, evidence capture  (forms, photographs, signatures, field printing).


Service orders management of machinery, plant and equipment repair and maintenance, evidence capture (forms, photographs, signatures, field printing).


Public space control activities support and optimization, advertising identification and georeferencing, notices and boards, Inspection and control of commercial establishments.


  •  Save up to 50% of the cost of operations.
  • Increased Productivity of Field Staff.
  • Audit Records.
  • Processes optimization.
  • Ensures quality management systems compliance.
  • Environmental Management Support – No Paper consumption.
  • Field staff control and monitoring (Times, Productivity and Displacement).

Team Leaders

Braynner Barandica

Junior Applications Developer

Mauricio Restrepo

Functional Manager

José Jiménez

Senior Applications Developer