Geographic information System that allows utilities, governmental, industrial and commercial companies to model all the geographic elements (assets and resources) necessary to support decision making and improve staff productivity. Through the system, you can store, query, deploy, manage and analyze geospatial information, making your company more competitive and reducing operating costs.

Information System that allows utility companies to model their distribution network, cartography and other necessary geographic elements to support decision making and improve staff productivity. Through the system, you can store, query, deploy, manage and analyze geospatial information, making your company more competitive and reducing operating costs.


WEB Administration

Users with privileges can perform the parameterization of access rules, configuration and visualization of options in the system.

The versatility of this web administrator is to empower the user administrator, with a powerful security content management and system configuration tool from any device with access to a Web browser; Such as mobile devices, tablets, desktop computers / laptops.

Third-Party Integration

LudyGIS is a tool that is fully adaptable to third-party systems, enabling you to meet the operational needs of the clients, ensuring a consistent and reliable structure at the time of performing the integrations based on different methods of exchange of information such as Web Services, API's of databases, flat files, among others.

Emergencies management in distribution networks

Planning and simulation of the emergency events (Incidents) that can be presented in a distribution network, allowing in real time to identify the users affected by the interruption of the service. It has tools of data analysis and specialized consultations on geospatial information, which generates added value in the operational and commercial processes, supporting the decision making based on facts and data.

Distribution networks maintenance

Planning, management and control of the preventive and corrective maintenance that must be done to the distribution network of the utility companies, allowing it in real time, manage and control the operation in the field, through work orders, identifying: work to be done, elements used and valuation of the same.

Optimal routes calculation

Optimization of the management and operation of the reading process of service meters,allowing the delivery / distribution of invoices, through specialized tools, which determine the best route option by the field technician, based on: a starting point, an end point and specific points to be included in the course.

User friendly interface

The interface and user experience (UI / UX) has been a fundamental pillar in LudyGIS design and development, incorporating the latest design trends to provide the user with an experience of use like no other.

Maps are the main element, showing all the operational data in a geographic context, distributing the system tools in an easy and intuitive way.

Cartographic edition power

Using ESRI's ArcGIS core software, users have powerful spatial analysis tools to perform geoprocesses that help improve the quality of geospatial information, all through validations and spatial rules that the system incorporates when editing a Cartographic resource. Ensuring the use of up-to-date and consistent information, according to the spatial business rules defined by the client in the work scheme.

Cost savings

In the Web Version the client will be able to have a significant saving in the licensing costs of ESRI's ArcGIS space solution, only requires licensing the application server where the LudyGIS Web will be hosted. Giving unlimited access to the different users that require access to the Web platform.


Public services (Utilities)

Management of building, cartographic and distribution network information, simulation of service emergencies, preventive and corrective maintenance of resources and assets, optimal routes calculation, integration with commercial systems (CRM) and external systems, decision making support (sales plan).


Management of land information (cadastre), support in growth plans, urban design and planning of municipalities / departments, citizen interaction (digital certificates).

Real Estate

Sales management of plans and locals (buildings), integration with commercial systems (CRM), decision making support (sales plan), sales progress statistical reports.


  • Reduction of costs up to 35% in the licensing required for the operation.
  • Increase up to 35% of operations personnel productivity.
  • Operational processes optimization and automation.
  • Updated information in real time.
  • Resources (personnel) Optimization.
  • Carry out cartographic (spatial) information analysis.
  • Design models of development and business planning.

Team Leaders

Karen Vargas

Support Manager

Julian Samper

Functional Manager

Oswaldo Nieves

Senior Applications Developer