Ludycom S.A.

We are an organization dedicated to the management and innovation of integral technology services, impacting in an efficient and effective way the operation and results of our clients, providing added value and improving their management.


We are an organization dedicated to the management and innovation of integral technology services for the public services (utilities), commercial and other related sectors, with high quality standards, that generate value in the processes of our clients, supported by an interdisciplinary human talent and continuous improvement strategies.


In 2020, to be leaders in integral technology services for the utilities and commercial services sectors with national coverage, market diversification and increasing our presence in Latin America.


Transversal (crossed) support, generating participation, integration and collaboration between the processes and resources of the organization.

Client - Oriented

Identify our clients needs (internal and external), providing advice, searching the satisfaction of their needs.


Love and feel the company, with a collaborative attitude in the development of our individual and organizational goals.

Creativity & Innovation

Constant search, with a learning and continuous improvement attitude of our human talent, focused on generating organizational value.


Sense of belonging to the organization, always elevate it wherever we are representing it.


Act according to the truth, with transparency, in our behaviors and ways of communicating; both inside and outside the organization.

Quality Policy

Our commitment is to the continuous generation of value in the processes of our clients and stakeholders, through an interdisciplinary human talent that works with high standards of quality, in the management and development of integral technology services.

We have the necessary infrastructure and processes, which guarantee the quality of our products and services, based on a strict design and development control, best practices and continuous improvement of the quality management system.

We guarantee the success of this policy, through the measurement of our performance, complying with the applicable requirements (legal, organizational and ISO standards), promoting the best practices in our industry.

Quality Objectives

  • To achieve the satisfaction of our clients, in relation of the characteristics and specifications compliance of the products and services required.
  • To improve the business financial profit.
  • To continually improve organization processes.
  • To have the staff trained, committed to quality and to the organization.

Personal Data Protection Policy

Ludycom S.A. In compliance with Statutory Law 1581 of 2012 and Regulatory Decree 1377 of 2013, implements and publishes the HABEAS DATA policy (Personal Data Protection).

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Our beginning occurred in 2003 with a small work team, developing innovative solutions for companies of great trajectory. Since then we have grown with an emphasis on the delivery of excellent results to those who place their trust in us. Today we have a team of 85 employees on average.

Technological Innovation

Ludycom, as an organization provider of integral technology services, has teamworks dedicated to the research and practices of new technologies, in benefits of constantly renewing, expanding, and improving our products and services, without restrictions for the creation and/or development of new ideas.


Currently, Ludycom provides its services in the following countries: Colombia, Peru and Ecuador. It has presence with offices established in Colombia (Barranquilla) and Peru (Lima).